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Ischia, the most smiling island of the Mediterranean is surrounded as if by a solutionless continuity of a belt of golden sand. Thus the unique S. Angelo beach made of a long strip of a sand which divides the sea and connects to a verdant reef. Forio stretches out in the sea betwen two beaches: Citara which is know by its cyclopean rocks and famous for its therapeutic virtues;  S. Francesco, whit its deep and vast sea shore.
San Montano Bay, between Forio and Lacco Ameno, as exceptional characteristics: quiet and well protected by the winds, with its warm chrystal clear waters and extensive sea bottom. A startling and secluded beach, well appreciated by its guests is the Cafiero beach or the English's beach and at Casamicciola the Bagnitiello beach.
Ischia opens its confortable and animated shore ti its tourists. tHe beautiful Cartaromana beach golden and silent; the Maronti beach, long and arched, leads us to the wonderful S.Angelo.

Maronti beach

San Montano Bay

San Francesco beach

Isthmus of Sant'Angelo